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25 June 2006 @ 01:37 am
Pissing Off never felt so Good!  
I think I pissed off my Roommate by leaving packaging boxes all over the place...
Hah, He cant do a thing since the Incident (Poisoning, remember?) I pretty much stated that he cant do a thing... same with the fact that The F-24 Form was Processed and Now I can call a Lawyer if something arrises... hah! I love being part of a minority!

So, Why the boxes? To move out! But since he cant take care of himself, well, TOO BAD. You do whatever you want to but I am Leaving you behind! (Seriously, the funk comming out of his room and bathroom are something thats SCARY) Aaaah, Feels nice to be in control and with a set of responsabilities.

In Other topics, I am still deciding my new LJ Name... SodaStar, GoblinStar or Something else? Now, with the new LJ I plan to make it my Scrapbook/Sketchbook/Journal/GameJournal... Friends Only and Pretty Much the same... I hope!

My Lappy has started to age... It Lags with Photoshop, Its starting to become slow compared to other stuff, etc etc... My parents know about this and I think that the tima has finally come for me to get a New Laptop. Lets face it, 512 RAM and 60 GBs on a P4 3.1 Ghz isnt enough, add a 64 Meg SHARED ATi Video Card...
I saw an Awesome HP Pavillion thats 200 GBs, 2GBs RAM, 256 Meg (128 shared) NVidia Vid Card, Intel Duo at 1.8... for Just 1.5k Gil ... Err, Dollars, DAMN YOU FFXI. Its perfect for me since I plan to take it for all my stuff... Music, Images, Games... WhatNot. So I am gonna ask for it for my Bday... which brings my next Topic.

I will get some help from them to move out AND I get to see my Family and show them around town!
Places I want them to see - The Aquarium (after 6pm), Denver Zoo, The Museum of Science, BodyWorks, SixFlags Elich Gardens, Colorado Mills, ChinaTown, 16th Street Mall, The Regency, BOBA Place, RMCAD (Again!)... And Some Fancy 4th of July Thing...

What else? Uh...
Yeah, I am gonna be busy becuase Intertrons here are TEH FAIL. So Once I move out, Ill have better Internet access... and Hopefully a new Lappy.

Sorry PorVora, You are OLD. You could work better for my dad now... He really needs a Laptop...
That means, Ill have to clean this one if thats the decition... Hmmm...

Ah well, I also have to finish a sketch for Illustrator! Something awesome and full of energy for The Stupid Poster/Billboard thing... Gaah, HATE THE TEACHER.

Im off to bed, Gnite Possums
How Disturbing: Hitoshi Sakimoto - Nalbina Fortress Underground Prison
angi_chan on June 26th, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)
hmmm better check out previous journals...

YAY Family and new compies and moving out YAAAAAY!

heehee, sounds like life is nice... save for....who's your evils teacher?
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!imakunineo on June 26th, 2006 05:05 pm (UTC)
Re: poison?
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<yes,>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Randy Fox... UGH, HATE. AGGRO'D LINK. <Death Ray> <Yes, Please>

Dont bother checking, I dont Think I said it here just because I didnt wanted anyone to worry...