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Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
This is It My Friends... This is The End.
Today I will close imakunineo... AFter Five Years of Updates and Daily Life. Today is the day I have decided to finish this journal.
64 Friends, 24 Communities, 18 RSS Sources...

Well, Not too Much to say...
The Main reason I am closing this is because of a Certain Stalker that caused a bit of trouble back... and I always thought It wouldnt happen, but recently it has been stalking me again. I have no desire of a clash with the past, so I am closing this LJ...

Date created:2001-08-07 13:05:54
Journal entries: 1,544


We are Feeling a Little Bit: calmcalm
How Disturbing: sampling masters MEGA - outer wall
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
18 July 2006 @ 12:29 am
In Case You are Wondering, I am in the Middle of a Lot of STuff... But here is a small Update :

1. Moved to The Regency
2. Family Visited
3. Got a Tattoo
4. My Bday is SOON.
5. Finals are upon us
6. Dropped The Illustration Class
7. I am Preparing the New Journal... Might Open Sooner than Expected

And Also, I need to Get rid of Some Stuff, Some STuff is already take as E3 Swag (Ozzy! Cubenigma! C2K!) but I have some More to Giveaway... Listing of StuffS Later in the Week....

I am Off to WORK.
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
11 July 2006 @ 01:52 am

Current Location: AAAAAAAAHH!!!
We are Feeling a Little Bit: AAAAAAAAHH!!!
How Disturbing: AAAAAAAAHH!!!
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
01 July 2006 @ 01:13 am
If I where an Animal, what kind of Animal would I be?

I. Two Words Meme

2. Your car: Ford Windstar
3. Your Hair: HairCut NOWZ
4. Your mother: Likes Doggies
5. Your father: Kiddo Albino
6. Your Favorite Item: HOBBES RAR.
7. Your Dream Last Night: Attack Pilgrims
8. Your Favorite Drink: REDBEAN BOBA
9. Your Dream Home: Suburbian Duplex
10. The Room You Are In: TEH REGENCY
11. Your Pet: Circus Escapee
12. Your fear: Being Rejected
13. Where You Want to be in Ten Years: AWESOMELY AWESOME
14. Who you hung out with last night: Family, Me
15. What You're Not: Bulimic Blonde
16. Your Best Friend: TOO MANY
17. One of Your Wish list Items: Orange Couch
18. Your Gender: PENIS PENIS
19. The Last Thing You Did: Played FFXI
20. What You Are Wearing: Cat Piyamas
21. Your Favorite Weather?: SUNNY WINDY
22. Your Favorite Book: MonteCristo, Sharknife
23. The Last Thing You Ate: CHEESE CAKE
24. Your Life: Rocking Out
25. Your Mood: CANT SLEEP
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: Bekki MWEE
27. Finish this sentence: Oh Kay

II. Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

01) A hug
02) Shopping for Small, OBSESIVE Details
03) Multiplayer Videogames that are Ridiculous
04) Sitting down a VERY Confortable Couch
05) Getting a Friend to invite you over
07) Finding a quarter on the street
08) Wearing Costumes
09) Find that friends found a small item on a trip and got it/bought it for you
10) Chocolate

Explain your LiveJournal name and its meaning.
ImakuniNeo - Nickname... uh, Not-so-quite Now, More of my "INTERTR0N/WINTERNETS/INTERNETZ" Name

Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
30 June 2006 @ 09:42 pm
NOW I LIVEZ AT TEH REGENCY !1oneshifte!leve2n!!!
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
25 June 2006 @ 01:37 am
I think I pissed off my Roommate by leaving packaging boxes all over the place...
Hah, He cant do a thing since the Incident (Poisoning, remember?) I pretty much stated that he cant do a thing... same with the fact that The F-24 Form was Processed and Now I can call a Lawyer if something arrises... hah! I love being part of a minority!

So, Why the boxes? To move out! But since he cant take care of himself, well, TOO BAD. You do whatever you want to but I am Leaving you behind! (Seriously, the funk comming out of his room and bathroom are something thats SCARY) Aaaah, Feels nice to be in control and with a set of responsabilities.

In Other topics, I am still deciding my new LJ Name... SodaStar, GoblinStar or Something else? Now, with the new LJ I plan to make it my Scrapbook/Sketchbook/Journal/GameJournal... Friends Only and Pretty Much the same... I hope!

My Lappy has started to age... It Lags with Photoshop, Its starting to become slow compared to other stuff, etc etc... My parents know about this and I think that the tima has finally come for me to get a New Laptop. Lets face it, 512 RAM and 60 GBs on a P4 3.1 Ghz isnt enough, add a 64 Meg SHARED ATi Video Card...
I saw an Awesome HP Pavillion thats 200 GBs, 2GBs RAM, 256 Meg (128 shared) NVidia Vid Card, Intel Duo at 1.8... for Just 1.5k Gil ... Err, Dollars, DAMN YOU FFXI. Its perfect for me since I plan to take it for all my stuff... Music, Images, Games... WhatNot. So I am gonna ask for it for my Bday... which brings my next Topic.

I will get some help from them to move out AND I get to see my Family and show them around town!
Places I want them to see - The Aquarium (after 6pm), Denver Zoo, The Museum of Science, BodyWorks, SixFlags Elich Gardens, Colorado Mills, ChinaTown, 16th Street Mall, The Regency, BOBA Place, RMCAD (Again!)... And Some Fancy 4th of July Thing...

What else? Uh...
Yeah, I am gonna be busy becuase Intertrons here are TEH FAIL. So Once I move out, Ill have better Internet access... and Hopefully a new Lappy.

Sorry PorVora, You are OLD. You could work better for my dad now... He really needs a Laptop...
That means, Ill have to clean this one if thats the decition... Hmmm...

Ah well, I also have to finish a sketch for Illustrator! Something awesome and full of energy for The Stupid Poster/Billboard thing... Gaah, HATE THE TEACHER.

Im off to bed, Gnite Possums
How Disturbing: Hitoshi Sakimoto - Nalbina Fortress Underground Prison
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
23 June 2006 @ 11:18 pm
Aaaah, Today was an OK Day.
Got some stuff done, slacked some more, played some games...

And I started to move out.
I am slowly progessing and I am Thinking of giving a shitload of stuff away... This includes LJ Friends as well, I need to get rid of all this... SOON.

So, Ill make an Inventary for the weekend and Ill post it on Sunday.
Now, Giving stuff away is pretty easy, So I plan to do somethig better with it.

a Garage Sale!

Im gonna Post what I have and Prices, if you are Interested just say so. Now, All these things will be DIRT CHEAP, so it will no more than 7 or 10 bucks each piece, hell I even thing to make packages for just 5 bucks. That way you just pay SH+H and Its all yours!

What kind of stuff I am giving away? Books, Toys, Perhaps some Burnt DVDs of Stuff, PC Games... You know, Good Stuff.

So for Now, I have some research to do... Ill see ya guys later.
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
19 June 2006 @ 09:37 pm
Well, Training at the regency is pretty good.
Being trained lalalalalalala... Its Summer Summester so its pretty... bland.
Um, Yeah.

Energy Drinks Proyect for Illustrator. GLEE. Something thats DECENT To work on!
As for Childrens Book, Its Done... Ill print and Matte tomorrow.


Oh Yeah! My family is comming over the 28th to help me move out! They are gonna spend the 4th of July here too...

Its gonna be nice.
Current Location: Regency Student Housing
Imakuni? Neo : Sunshine Hero!
13 June 2006 @ 12:18 am
TODAY! In ReallyGross NEWS.
Theres a New ToeNail Growing UNDER IT.
Expect Sunny on the 70s with Chance of NAILS.
How Disturbing: B'z - Atsuki Kodou no Hate